family pic

family pic

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lego Birthday...

I know I just posted the pictures from Konner's last birthday, but now he is 4 and I better get these pictures on or you won't see them until he's almost 5!! Again, having a January birthday, it is so hard to get excited about planning a party. When I am in the midst of baking, making, shopping, and spending I often wonder why I even do this. Do the kids even care, will they even remember? Then I realize that they won't be little forever and this chapter in my life is coming to a close faster than I thought. So I embrace the chaos and after it's all said and done I am glad I do it. Plus the compliments I get for my food don't exactly make me feel bad. ;) On a side note, my older kids can usually figure out what birthday something happened at by remembering what theme we had done...
Konner has really been enjoying Legos and in fact that was one of his Christmas gifts. So when I was browsing Pinterest one day and saw some Lego head pops I knew what I was going to do. So without further ado, some pictures!:

Shiloh and Chase

Fruit!! I love fruit, especially right now!

Yummy food...

Time for candles.. 


And more..

Lego head pops.. Made with a large and small marshmallow dipped in candy coating and the faces put on by my teens.. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Whose Business is it Anyway?

   Sitting in the doctors office and the question comes up,  "How many more times do you want to do this?" My eyes filled with tears and I choked out "I don't know".... For the first time in my 19 years of motherhood my  answer was not "At least once more!".. I have always, always wanted more babies, but this pregnancy with all of it's issues, has definitely taken it's toll on me. (Plus the matter might be completely out of my hands, but I will post more about that on another day.) So it's something that has been on my mind and heart lately. 
    Honestly I have never, that I remember, had any negative comments from the general public about the size of my family. I feel almost that I have negative attitudes more from the Christian family. Not in so many words, but attitudes. I know when I was going through my miscarriages some thought I should do something to prevent pregnancy. And I feel there are others thinking, with all the issues of this time, we should have not had so many kids. Then on the other side I feel like people are thinking because a person decides to be done that they are playing God. All of us have our opinion on the matter and can say what we think, but until it comes down to a personal decision for yourself then you really can't know. Seriously, whose business is it anyway?! I say, nobody's!!! It is between a husband, wife, and God how many kids they will have! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Konner is 3!!

 *****This post is almost a year old so we will be having a 4th birthday soon! I could not get the pictures to upload then and figured some of the stuff was so cute so still wanted to share!*****

  Konner turned 3 on the 16th and our church's annual meeting is always the same weekend so I did his party on Sunday the 18th..
   With his birthday so close to Christmas I sometimes don't feel like putting much thought into his party or even what to buy him.. I know, there is no rule that says you have to do a themed party, but it is something I typically enjoy doing. B's birthday is in April so I am always getting ideas and excited about his. If I do it for one I should do it for the other(s now that Chase will be having birthdays!)
  Anyway, I was laying in bed one morning and thought why not just do a winter theme with blue and white?! Easy enough.. then I thought of the movie "Frozen" which my littles like and the idea for my party favors came to be. And guess what? I went on Pinterest and saw my idea on there. HA!! I came up with it by myself! LOL So we had a simple Olaf birthday party, he had fun and I didn't stress too much. As my sister told me when I text her and grumbled about forgetting to make the jello jigglers: "Let it Go, Let it Go!" So I did.. And here are a few pictures:

Fun in the Snow...

We wanted to find some snow to 4-by in and let the kids play. So the day after Christmas a group of us all packed up our snow gear, kids, thermoses full of coffee, hot dogs, etc and off we went. Being used to the west side of the state and finding many places to wander we were in for a surprise. With roads closed and not ever having been in the snow up in the hills here it made for a long day! We did lots of turning around and driving until finally we just decided to stop and build a fire. The kids played and the guys had fun trying (and succeeding) on getting their rigs stuck a time or two! It ended up being a long, but fun day! Making memories with the family is what it's all about!!

The cutest snow baby!!

Our Group.. or most, Jacob was off to my left stuck in the ditch!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Emotional Rollercoaster...

Whew, I can't believe it's been over a year since I last posted!!! Anyway I figured the easiest and quickest way to tell my story was to blog about it. So here goes:
Back in September when I was supposed to start my monthly cycle I was crampy and spotty for about a week. I thought oh my cycle is messed up or I got pregnant and it's a dud. (Don't mind my gallows humor, but when you've gone through what I have you kind of detach yourself) Time went on and we went to the beach in October with Travis and Sonja's family. While there I wasn't feeling the best so thought "hmmm... maybe I am pg" Then one night I all of a sudden started bleeding and was in severe pain with it. I thought oh boy it's a miscarriage. The bleeding slowed to practically nothing the next day and I was still feeling weird. About a week later I did the same thing, but without the pain. Severe bleeding and then nothing. I had a flight out to NH to be with my sister when she had her twin boys and I was nervous about flying alone with a 14 month old with strange things going on with my body. At this time I was still feeling gross so decided to take a pregnancy test. Mind you, I hadn't taken one since my 4th miscarriage. With an upcoming flight and not knowing what was going on I decided on the test. Took it and it showed positive. This was a Sunday and my flight was for the following Saturday. Monday morning I called the doctor and they got me in that afternoon. I did the bloodwork etc. and they got all my information. I was able to get an ultrasound that afternoon and saw a tiny beating heart. I was 7 weeks and 3 days.. My heart was happy and I went on home. Then that evening just before bedtime I get a call from my doctor. He said there was blood around baby and it looked like I would miscarry. I was slammed with emotions from sorrow to rage and cried many tears.
The doctor wanted me to come back for another ultrasound Thursday and if baby had indeed died do a D&C and possibly still be able to fly out on Saturday. Thursday came and I showed up for the ultrasound not expecting any good news, but was surprised when the ultrasound tech said the heart rate is 163! Wait, what?! It's still alive?! So into the doctor's office I go. He told me the blood was still there and to get another ultrasound in two weeks to see what was happening. Then if all went well another one in a month. At his advice I cancelled my trip as it would be very scary and dangerous to start hemorrhaging in flight or something like that!
Two weeks later the ultrasound showed the blood had gone down some and baby was still alive! That was good news! I went in for the ultrasound the next month (Dec. 10th) and that showed that baby is growing where he/she should be so that is looking great. The blood is still there, but more dense and hasn't grown at all which is great news. I do have placenta previa, but that can change as the uterus grows. I am scheduled to see a high risk doctor next month for these issues and also since I am "AMA" (Advanced Maternal Age) so am high risk already. I have started regular OB care which feels better, but am still having a rollercoaster of emotions so would love if all of you would keep baby and I in your prayers! Currently I am almost 17 weeks and have been feeling little flutters! :)
With that all told I would like to say:
Merry Christmas to all of you!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Walnuts and more....

Wow, I have been taking a long time to update my blog! Life just gets slighty busy with 7 kids, plus homeschool, wife, and mommy duties! We have eleven walnut trees on our property and with the rainy weather we have had they are not drying properly. So, Tim and the kiddos have spent hours and I mean hours, shelling walnuts so they don't mold.  As of now, we have three gallon bags of shelled walnuts in the freezer! With quite a bit more to go.. 
Shelling walnuts, family time!
Momma gets to hang out with this little squishy boy while the others are working on walnuts!

At the dentist, they have this big gorilla..

I kept smelling melting plastic and was trying to figure out where it was coming from. After some investigation I found this in one of the heaters! Danger danger! Check your heaters!

My little guys dropping off our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. They were so excited about tgis!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Random Tidbits From My Hospital Stay!

  1.I was laying there on the operating table and went to look from left to right when I glanced up and saw a sight I have never seen before! In the reflection of the OR lights I could see them working on me!!! I think I may have even saw my uterus at one point in my side to side view change. Not exactly what I wanted to see!! (Maybe the table was positioned just "right"?) 
   2. Abdominal binder, I swear by those things!! With Shiloh, my first c-section, I didn't have one and it hurt to cough etc when he was three weeks old! With Brandt in Peterborough (best birth experience EVER, tho Chase's was a close second) they gave me one automatically, and at two weeks I sneezed and didn't feel it!! This was standing up too! So with Konner and Chase I asked for one... A plus to the binder? It makes you look skinnier! ;) It holds everything all tight so I believe it helps you heal faster! (I have heard of one person not liking them, but me? Would NEVER do without again!)
    3. The hospital bed, love it!! It is so nice to push a button and the head of the bed goes up, another button the foot goes down so it is easier to get out of and go to the bathroom. I know some people don't like them because they get a sore rear. Me? I got more sore sitting on my bed watching a 2 hour movie than I did my whole hospital stay! (Maybe I need a new mattress, hmmm....)
       4. Nurses. I had the best nurse with Chase, she wasn't just my "caretaker", but I feel like I made a friend. We chatted every day about babies, faith, weddings, the best restaurants etc. She had actually lost a baby girl in February and still looked so sad, my heart hurt for her!!
   5.Food!! Tho, the menu options were limited with Chase unlike Konner, it was still awesome to be able to pick up the phone and order food for myself and Tim (his cost money, but it wasn't a bad price at all!) My favorite was the triple berry muffin!!
   6. Pokes and prods! I know that is the biggest reason some people don't like hospitals. Honestly I don't mind, that way I knew I wasn't dying! LOL.. After the first day/night they really didn't bother me much and in fact I TOLD the nurse to come in at night and tell me when it was time for my pain meds. I did not want to go through what I did with Konner and be without anything for over an hour. Then, it hurt so bad I cried, but the crying made it hurt worse, so that was not fun!!
   7. No pressure to cook/clean or anything. I love being able to just lay there and not have to think of anything but my baby. When I am home I can't get out of mommy/housewife mode. If something is out of place or needs to be cleaned it bothers me. So being in the hospital I didn't have to deal with any housework pressure. (Tim says I don't know how to be sick after watching me once try to straighten up when being miserable with the stomach flu! I think he is on to something there!) So in all honestly a hospital birth for me is almost a mini vacation where all I have to do is take care of and bond with my baby! And really what option do I have when I have c-sections? ;)
   I know there are people who would disagree with me, but that's fine! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine! :)